Publications & Projects


Journal Publications:

  • Lie She Liam, D. Adytia and E. van Groesen. 2014. Embedded wave generation for dispersive surface wave models. Ocean Engineering, 80, 73-83.
  • D. Adytia and E. van Groesen. 2012. Optimized Variational 1D Boussinesq modelling of coastal waves propagating over a slope. Coastal Engineering, 64,139-150.
  • I. Lakhturov, D. Adytia and E. van Groesen. 2011. Optimized Variational 1D Boussinesq Modelling for broad-band waves over flat bottom. Wave Motion. 49, 309-322.
  • E. van Groesen, D. Adytia and Andonowati. 2008. Near-coast tsunami waveguiding: phenomenon and simulations.Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 8(2).pp. 175-185.

Conference Proceeding and Report Publications:

  • D. Adytia, Lawrence. 2016. Fully nonlinear dispersiveHAWASSI-VBM for coastal zone simulations. Submitted as Proceeding on ASME 2016, the 35th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (OMAE 2016), in Busan Korea.
  • L. Yuliawati, N. Subasita, D. Adytia, W. S. Budhi. 2015. Simulation of Obliquely Interacting Solitary Waves with A Hard Wall by using HAWASSI-VBM and SWASH Model. Accepted for publication in AIP Proceeding 2016.
  • F.T. R. Silalahi, W. S. Budhi, D. Adytia, E. van Groesen. 2015. Numerical solution for Laplace equation with mixed boundary condition for ship problem in the sea. The 5th International Conference on Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
  • D. Adytia. 2014. Simulations of Short-crested Harbor Waves with Variational Boussinesq Modelling. Proc. 24th Int. Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference. ISOPE-I-14-451.
  • D. Adytia, M. Ramdhani and E. van Groesen. 2012. Phase resolved and averaged wave simulations in Jakarta harbour. Proc. of the 6th Asia Pasific Workshop on Marine Hydrodynamics (APHydro), Johor Bahru, Malaysia, 3-4 September 2012. pp. 218-223.
  • D. Adytia, M. Woran and E. van Groesen. 2012. Effect of a possible Anak Krakatau explosion in the Jakarta Bay, Proceedings Basic Science International Conference 2012, Malang Indonesia, K1-5, ISBN 978-979-25-6033-6.
  • D. Adytia and E. van Groesen. 2011. The variational 2D Boussinesq model for wave propagation over a shoal. International Conference on Developments in Marine CFD, 18 - 19 November 2011, Chennai, India. RINA, pp.25-29. ISBN No. 978-1-905040-92-6.
  • D. Adytia and E. van Groesen. 2009. Variational Boussinesq model for simulation of coastal waves and tsunamis. Asian and Pacific Coasts 2009, Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on APAC 2009, 13-16 October 2009, Singapore.. World Scientific. pp. 122-128. ISBN 978-981-4287-944.
  • D. Adytia, A. Sopaheluwakan and E. van Groesen. 2008. Tsunami waveguiding: phenomenon and simulation above synthetic bathymetry and Indonesian coastal area. Proceedings of International Conference on Tsunami Warning Bali, Indonesia, November 12-14, 2008.
  • E. van Groesen, D. Adytia, Andonowati and G. Klopman. 2007. Near coast tsunami waveguiding: simulations for various wave models.Technical Report TR-CTIT-07-93, LabMath-Indonesia, Bandung. ISSN 1381-3625.  [EPRINT].

Poster Publications:

  • D. Adytia, W. Kristina and E.W.C. van Groesen . 2009. Tsunami waveguiding simulation above synthetic and realistic bathymetries. EGU General Assembly 2009, 19-24 April 2009, Vienna, Austria.

Most of the publications above can be downloaded from my Research Gate.

Projects with Industries (via NeXT Ocean Indonesia, as Oceanographer expert).

  • MetOcean desktop study in for PHE Nunukan, East Kalimantan. PT. BWgeohydromatics, End Client: Pertamina Hulu Energy (PHE) Nunukan. Jan-Mar 2016.
  • MetOcean desktop study in Bahodopy, Central Sulawesi. PT. BWgeohydromatics, End Client: PT. Vale Indonesia. Aug 2015-Mar 2016.
  • MetOcean Desktop Study for at Semarang, Indonesia. PT. BWGeohydromatics, End Client: PT. Kalimantan Jawa Gas (KJG). Nov 2014-Dec 2014.
  • MetOcean Survey and Study for Site Responses Analysis at Offshore NorthWest Java (ONWJ) Field. PT. BWgeohydromatics, End Client : Pertamina Hulu Energy (PHE) ONWJ. Oct 2014-Dec 2014.
  • Offshore Survey for LNG Floating Storage & Regastification Unit (FSRU) Site at Cilamaya, West Java, Indonesia. PT. BWgeohydromatics, End Client: PT. Pertamina. Oct 2014-Jan 2015.
  • Offshore Survey for LNG Floating Storage & Regastification Unit (FSRU) Project in Cilacap, Central Java, Indonesia. PT. BWgeohydromatics, End Client: PT. Pertamina. Dec 2013-Mar 2014.
  • Dynamic wind wave simulation to support the design of breakwater in Cilamaya new port in West Java. A research project with BAPPEDA JABAR (as expert). Feb-July 2013.
  • Prediction of Wave Characteristics in Pulau Muara Besar, Brunei. PT. BWgeohydromatics, End Client: Local Authority of Brunei. Mar-April 2013.